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- January 19, 2020
         For years my family and I have immersed our selves into every community we’ve been privileged to serve. We recognize the needs and want to do more than talk or meme about it. I have been blessed to never meet a stranger. It has been rewarding to form bonds with men, women, organizations, and businesses that champion causes bigger than their existence. 

      Bandwagon Mike Incorporated’s slogan is, “WHEN YOUR TEAM WINS SO DO I.” It’s a rallying cry to serve with partners; those willing to commit to community service, fund scholarships and provide mentorship for our youth. BMI has no color, sex, hidden or political agenda. It represents the charge to empower one another to be better than average. Life waits for no one to get prepared. God has blessed me with the vision to see how we can all serve one another collectively. I’m not asking for money. I’m asking for your support as we forge to build bonds and break down barriers from within through community outreach. It will take resources, trust and accountability.  

     We are a transparent organization willing to put resources toward the educational, social and financial needs of not just this community but yours as well. I’m also here to coach, teach, mentor and aspire others to do the same.  

     Bandwagon Mike Incorporated has nothing to do with wearing sports jerseys or switching teams while watching sports. It’s about always being on the winning team that can provide the spark, change and make the ultimate difference or sacrifice in the lives of others. 

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